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More than 257 “convictions” have been rightfully dismissed and over 500 in total could be thrown out across Manhattan and Brooklyn after it was uncovered that former New York Police Department Detective Joseph Franco framed hundreds of innocent people. If you or a loved one has been a victim of Joseph Franco’s falsehoods, the experienced and professional legal team at Kelly, Grossman & Kerrigan, LLP will seek justice on your behalf.

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Judge Dismisses Cases Against Hundreds of Wrongfully Convicted People

A New York Judge dismissed felony cases against hundreds of defendants and more will continue to be removed as the lies and manipulation of former officer Franco are uncovered.

In 2019, Joseph Franco was indicted on 26 counts of perjury and related charges for lying in his testimony and documentation, alleging he “witnessed” drug transactions. However, reviews of security footage found that this never occurred, and detective Franco was terminated from employment with NYPD in April of 2020.

The Bronx District Attorney has stated, in seeking a perjury conviction against the former police officer, that Franco’s “compromised credibility suggests a lack of due process in the prosecution of these defendants, and we cannot stand behind these convictions.”

Because of this, hundreds of felony convictions between 2011 and 2015 that relied on Franco’s false testimony have or will be erased, and while the action is a start, it will certainly never make up for the detriment on those wrongfully convicted individuals and their families.

Kelly, Grossman & Kerrigan, LLP will hold Joseph Franco responsible for the acts he has committed against the innocent. We will be your advocate for civil litigation and have years of experience leading cases against these bad actors.  

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Hold Joseph Franco NYPD Accountable

As hearings continue in the cases revolving around the corruption of former detective Joseph Franco, we want you to be prepared to take swift action as the truth comes to light.

Partner with Kelly, Grossman & Kerrigan, LLP today, and begin the process toward justice. We will guide you every step of the way to ensure you or your loved ones are provided with compensation and support for all pain and suffering that has been caused.

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